IWC’s activities are focused on private timberland investment management worldwide. Timberland investments are predominantly made in primary funds, co-investments and secondaries.


Timberland investments offer stable low-correlated returns and inflation protection over the long-term.

  • Timberland represents an attractive asset class
  • An inefficient timberland market provides significant investment opportunities
  • The timberland investment universe allows for significant diversification and portfolio risk mitigation
  • Having low correlation to many asset classes provides diversification benefits

Private market: Timberland is an asset class that represents an inefficient market and these inefficiencies can be exploited to provide investment opportunities. As the timberland investment universe is fragmented, IWC believes it can leverage its superior market knowledge to capture outperforming investment opportunities.

Manager selection: IWC’s experience with the timberland investment management universe means that risk-adjusted returns from timberland investments can be substantially enhanced by structured manager and investment selection. Our ability to match a manager’s skills with a compelling investment theme improves the potential to gain access to compelling risk adjusted returns.

Portfolio construction: Diversification can be achieved across regions, countries, species, forest products, end-markets and investment types. Investors can benefit from matching relevant regional investment strategies with proven managers in the specific regions.

Return drivers: By identifying the long term outlook for forest product demand and supply and investment specific return drivers, investment strategies can be developed to maximize the return potential as well as diversify the portfolio

Manager skills that IWC assesses include acquisition discipline and pipeline, resource efficient asset management approach, competitive access to end-markets, and the record of adding value through exit opportunities.


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