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IWC 25 Year Jubilee Publication

It is with great pleasure that we have carefully chosen a selection of articles that we believe represent what IWC is all about in order to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

November 2016

Timberland in an institutional portfolio

This study emphasizes the attractiveness of timberland investments for long term investors, with good risk-adjusted returns, inflation protection characteristics, and low correlation to main assets. Due to this range of attractive performance characteristics and diversification opportunities from including timberland in a diversified portfolio, institutional timberland ownership, especially in the USA, has grown significantly in the past 30 years

March 2013

Company overview and investment perspectives

March 2013

Measuring timberland performance

The National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) Timberland Committee unveiled the NCREIF Timber Fund and Separate Account Index (TFSAI) in the first quarter of 2012, offering a new way to measure timberland performance. The TPI measures returns derived from individual properties, while the TFSAI measures returns from timber funds and separate accounts. In this note, IWC discuss some of the key attributes of the index and compare it to the timberland property index.

September 2012



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