IWC has long standing and trusted institutional relationships with important stakeholders in the timberland investment management community.


IWC strives to develop long term strategic relationships with our clients. Many clients have retained IWC for more than a decade. For any questions, clients should please contact their respective Key Client Contact at IWC.

To read more on how our culture supports our client focus, please go to the Culture page.


IWC services a range of institutional investors (professional clients) such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, asset managers and family offices. The services of IWC include:

Timberland strategy formulation and portfolio construction
  • Developing a suitable and tailored strategy for the timberland investment
  • Implementing timberland investment strategies
  • Managing timberland investments
  • Quarterly strategic update and commentary on global timberland markets
  • Tailored fund reporting
  • Quarterly reporting to clients on portfolio level
  • Quarterly meetings with clients, performance analysis, monitoring and reporting

IWC interacts with investment consultants who advice clients on strategic asset allocation. IWC’s timberland investment process services clients through a combination of fund-of-fund strategies and dedicated separate accounts. Depending on the nature of the consultant client requirements, IWC can provide and implement a timberland strategy suitable to the specific asset class allocation objectives either through a separate account or a fund-of-fund solution.


IWC interacts with wealth management divisions of financial service firms, independent wealth managers and directly with family offices. They typically have in common a desire to consider the merits of and how to provide clients with a resource efficient allocation to private timberland.

IWC has assisted in further educating these groups of demanding investors and assisting in the education of timberland strategies to their clients. IWC can assist in implementing a timberland strategy suitable to the asset class allocation objectives of wealth management clients.

IWC is experienced with servicing wealth managers with the following:

  • Education and training on the benefits of timberland investment
  • Advice on appropriate timberland investment strategies and the implementation thereof
  • Monitoring and reporting on timberland mandates
IWC focus on timberland investments world wide predominantly in primary funds, co-investments and secondaries.

Irrespective of investment type, we strive to build long term relationships with reputable general partners.

Primary funds: We meet with a wide range of investment managers around the world throughout a year. We have an open door policy and assess newer teams and propositions as well as propositions promoted by established managers. We always strive to gain a good level of understanding of the investment proposition. We are often approached at an early stage during the marketing process. Some managers emphasise that IWC’s view of a proposition can be decisive to the marketing outcome. We endeavour to provide constructive feedback. Sometimes we don’t believe that the scope of the primary fund provides the best invest access but hold a positive view of the manager. We may ask the manager to consider establishing a strategy with a more narrow investment focus or to establish a separate account like structure for IWC’s mandates.

Co-investments: We are presented with co-investment opportunities both from primary funds where IWC represents capital but also on a stand alone basis (“side-by-side investments”). IWC has the resources available which often enable us to work along side an investment manager this type of opportunities while adhering to strict time lines. These types of investments are important for some of our mandates. Working together with a manager on these opportunities provides valuable understanding of the managers capabilities that facilitates the development of broader investment relationships and understanding.

Secondaries: Secondaries can be good complements in some of our mandates. For the right opportunity, we have the resources in place to provide our mandates with access on individual positions, portfolios of fund interest, or specific assets. Secondary propositions provides valuable manager insight, that can be to the benefit when considering subsequent propositions typically presented directly by the investment manager.

Other investment propositions: We are from time to time presented with propositions and investment ideas that don’t fit our multi-manager mandates. Cognizant to manage time and resources efficiently, we strive to be clear in communicating that our mandates require us to invest primarily in commingled fund structures managed by an investment manager. Direct investments typically fall outside of this scope. We are however happy to provide some guidance that may be helpful and useful when sponsors seek to develop proposition relevant for our investment mandates.

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