IWC is proud of the development of a strong team culture with clear values – carefully nurtured – dedicated to delivering superior long term investment performance.

Our core values are:

• Cultural diversity and mutual respect
• A commitment to strive for continual improvement

• Constructive communication and engagement

IWC’s values are translated into the culture we strive to encourage on a day to day basis focused on:

  • We acknowledge that the long term success of the firm relies on the long term satisfaction of our clients through the services we provide and the relationships we build and maintain
  • At all times we aim to act responsively to client requests
  • Feedback and requests from any client are always taken seriously and acted upon in a timely, prudent and professional manner
  • IWC strives to be proactive in delivering improved services to its clients
  • Working at IWC should be fun, inspiring and focused on the long-term benefits of clients
  • At IWC, we support a mutually supportive working environment, where all professionals work together rather than compete with each other
  • We support open and frank dialogue that encourages constructive critique in order to ensure continual improvement
  • There is a culture of inclusion and participation at IWC as well as an employee shareholder programme. A clear majority of the employees are shareholders in IWC, together owning a majority of the firm
  • We support all employees in maintaining a proper work-life balance
  • IWC is committed to communicating in a professional, constructive, and mutually respectful manner, both with regards to external parties and between colleagues within IWC

We believe that IWC’s low employee turnover and long standing institutional client relationships
are clear benefits of our distinct culture.

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