IWC always strives to be at the forefront of market developments and stay attuned to new investment opportunities in timberland and agriculture around the world. We believe this is best achieved through an active presence at relevant conferences and speaking events, sharing knowledge and learning about new opportunities in the alternative assets market. In this section, you will find a list of the latest conferences and speaking events that IWC’s employees have attended as well as interesting insights from our four investment teams regarding some of the latest market developments.

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Creating new forests plays a vital role in the global transition to a greener economy

Timberland as an asset class provides a rare opportunity to generate risk-adjusted market rate of returns and address some of the major challenges of our time. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report from October 2018 emphasizes the urgent need for change to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Read more…

Establishing new forests to counter increasing CO2 emissions – a new Danish initiative

2015-2018 were the warmest four years recorded to date and the consequences on the environment and the world’s natural habitats can already be felt on numerous levels. The world’s forests presently store about 296 million Gt of carbon – the annual amount of CO2 emitted by 861,563 coal-fired plants. Read more…

Conference attendance

NOVEMBER 29-30, 2019 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Forest Landscape Restoration investor’s workshop (Fri.) and Global Landscape Forum event (Sat.)

Shauna Matkovich, Senior Sustainability Manager

OCTOBER 2-3, 2019 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Investor Forum 2019

Anders Pagh, Director of Impact Timberland Investments

Shauna Matkovich, Senior Sustainability Manager

SEPTEMBER 17-19, 2019 – Portland, OR

Who Will Own the Forest? 15

Lars Holm Simonsen, Director of Timberland Manager Advisory

Josh Yearout, Investment Forester

Øystein Juul Nielsen, Investment Forestry Analyst

SEPTEMBER 10-12, 2019 – Paris, France

JUNE 10-15, 2019 – Kampala, Uganda

The Second Greater Virunga and Semuliki-Albert Landscape Stewardship Meeting

Shauna Matkovich, Senior Sustainability Manager

Speaking Events

JUNE 5, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Berlin Green Investment Summit

Celine Claudon, Director of Client Relations, participated in a panel regarding “Forestry and Reforestation: real assets and CO2 capture”

MARCH 14, 2019 – Helsinki, Finland

FinnFund Forestry Roundtable

Anders Pagh, Director of Impact Timberland Investments, presented “Greenfield Forestry Impacts”

DECEMBER 2, 2018 – Bonn, Germany

Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Bonn – Financing Forest Landscape Restoration: How the Public and Private Sector can pull together

Shauna Matkovich, Senior Sustainability Manager, participated in Discussion Forum 15 entitled “Financing Forest Landscape Restoration”


Who Will Own the Forest? 14

Céline Claudon, Director of Client Relations, moderated a panel regarding “Institutional Investor Concerns”

MAY 30, 2018 – WASHINGTON D.C.

GLOBAL LANDSCAPES FORUM – Building the Investment Case for Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration

Shauna Matkovich, Sustainability Manager, presented at Dragon’s Den “IWC Treenewable Climate Fund 1”