Céline Claudon

Chief Commercial Officer – Céline joined IWC in 2005 and is today responsible for supporting IWC – BNP Paribas Asset Management commercial integration. Also, together with IWC’s CEO, Céline is responsible for IWC’s commercial strategy, and leads marketing of IWC’s products and services in specific countries. Prior to this role, Céline was leading IWC’s Timberland Investment Advisory (TIA) team’s relationships with institutional investors and TIA’s efforts in identifying and evaluating operating managers as well as selecting fund, secondary, co-investment, and separate account investment opportunities. Céline is member of IWC’s Executive Committee, Sustainability Committee, and Business Development Committee.

Céline holds an MBA from the University of Northern Iowa, USA, and a Master in Finance from the University of Paris-Sud, France. Prior to joining IWC, Céline worked for the Investors Relations department of RCI Banque and as an Attaché to the Financial Counselor of the French Embassy in Denmark.

”Why IWC? Simply because while aiming at providing optimal conditions to institutional investors, IWC also actively participates in its employees’ professional and personal development which, at the end of the day, secures dedication, enthusiasm, and long-term commitment.”