Portrait of Nis Jul Clausen, Board member at IWC

Nis Jul Clausen

Vice-Chairman of IWC and IWC IP’s Board of Directors; Professor of Law, Ph.D., L.L.M., Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark

Nis Jul Clausen is a professor of law at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, where he teaches business law, primarily relating to banking, companies, and finances plus securities and stock exchange regulation. Within his area of research, the primary focus is on national and international company law, banking law, securities and stock exchange regulation as well as finance law. Nis has published more than 100 national and international books and articles on these subjects. Nis also holds a position as permanent scholar in residence at Duke University, North Carolina, USA. Nis has been awarded several research and teaching prizes.

Nis has served as an independent legal expert for the EU Parliament and for the Danish and Latvian governments in the enactment and implementation of a new securities regulation.

Nis is chairman of the board of two Danish UCITS: Lån & Spar Invest and Lån & Spar MixInvest. Nis has been on IWC’s board of directors since 2004.

Nis holds a Master of Law (cand.jur.) from Aarhus University, an L.L.M. from Duke University, USA, and a Ph.D. in law (lic.jur.) from Aarhus University.

“As timberland investing becomes more globally widespread, IWC is increasingly focusing on legal certainty and predictability for the benefit of the investors.”